AC Refrigerant Leak Repairs in Tampa, FL

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If you notice moisture leaking from your air conditioner, it’s important to resist the urge to clean up the moisture on your own and try to make the repairs, and instead call in the professionals. This is a dangerous substance and should only be handled by trained experts. Call Air Mavericks for air conditioner refrigerant leak services in Tampa, FL. We offer on-time services.

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Refrigerant Leaks: What To Watch For

Do you suspect you have a refrigerant leak? There are certain symptoms our AC contractors recommend watching for, including:

  • Moisture from your air conditioner: One of the most obvious signs of a refrigerant leak is moisture around your AC system.
  • Home feels warm: If your home isn’t reaching the desired temperature on your thermostat.
  • Ice or frost on the evaporator coil: When the refrigerant level gets too low, the evaporator coil can no longer absorb heat to warm up the cold refrigerant. This can lead to moisture that can turn to ice or frost on the coil.
  • Hissing sounds: If you hear sounds similar to hissing sounds coming from the unit, it can signal a leak.

Why You Need Professional Refrigerant Leaks Repairs

When you have an AC refrigerant leak, call a trained AC contractor to perform the repairs:

  • Locate and repair the leak.
  • Add high-quality refrigerant to properly fill the system. A professional will know what type to add for the best results.
  • Ensure the right amount of refrigerant is added. Adding too much during a freon replacement can damage the system and require a replacement.

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Common Causes of Refrigerant Leaks

If you have a refrigerant leak, it’s essential to call a technician for repairs on your air conditioner. These leaks can be caused by a variety of issues, including:

  • Formation of formic acid from the copper lines. This can cause them to deteriorate.
  • Vibrations that cause lines to move. This can lead to potential leaks.
  • Wear and tear on your AC unit. As your unit ages, the joints and connections can weaken.

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