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Benefits of an Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan

If you’re a homeowner, an air conditioning maintenance plan might be a smart investment. The goal of these types of plans is to prevent unexpected repairs or replacements to your air conditioning system, saving you money in the end. At Airmavericks, we carry out AC servicing and Ac repair

Air conditioning contractors offer A/C maintenance plans to assist homeowners in maintaining their A/C systems. Air conditioning maintenance plans usually consist of annual cooling tune-ups, and often include perks like priority service and discounts. A/C maintenance plans go by many names including service contracts, service agreements, preventive maintenance plans, service plans, HVAC maintenance plans, or other similar terms.

Regular and professional maintenance of your HVAC system is an important task that is often disregarded by many homeowners. Generally, an HVAC service plan helps homeowners stay on top of their HVAC preventive maintenance and reduces problems with their cooling systems and air conditioners. You should especially consider becoming an A/C maintenance plan member if you have children, elderly adults, or people with compromised health in your household. Extreme temperatures can be very dangerous, especially for the above groups.

Saving you money

Having a professional monitor your cooling system means it’s more likely that a small issue will be detected before it turns into a large expensive problem. Energy efficiency is degraded by about 5% each year as your coils become dirtier. With regular HVAC maintenance, A/C systems should perform better, break down less frequently, and have a longer service life. With increased efficiency, A/C systems will also use less energy, saving you money on your electricity bill. Furthermore, members of maintenance plans sometimes receive discounts on equipment replacement, installation, or repair.

Priority service

Priority service is one of the perks of being a maintenance plan member. If you are a maintenance plan member, you are already in the contractor’s database. This means the company may contact you to set up a time for your maintenance visit at your leisure. This way you won’t have to worry about remembering to call the HVAC company. As a member, you may also have priority over non-members, meaning that your cooling appointment would come at a convenient time before the weather gets too hot. If you are a maintenance plan member, you shouldn’t have to worry about long response times for an air conditioning repair or other problems that may arise.

It’s also important to note that tune-ups may uphold the terms of your equipment’s warranty, so you’d be protected if anything were to happen. You should, however, compare your manufacturer’s warranty to the A/C service warranty you’re being offered. Do your research and read the fine print before deciding on a maintenance plan.

Each maintenance plan is a little different, so be sure to explore different options in your area and find the best fit for you. Going without air conditioning can be unbearable in a climate like Florida’s. If you are a maintenance plan member, you won’t have to worry about long response times for repairs and will be given the proper maintenance that your HVAC equipment deserves.

At Air Mavericks, we offer maintenance contracts for $178/year. Our maintenance plans include two visits per year, once every six months or as needed. Consider becoming Air Mavericks maintenance plan members today to increase energy efficiency, save money, and gain some peace of mind! Check out our services we carry out AC repairs in largo to AC service in Tampa, so why not call us today for any help you need, also check out our recent blog