reducing allergies

Cleaning tips to Reduce Allergies

If you suffer from allergies, regularly cleaning your home can get rid of many triggers and give you some relief for your symptoms. However, there are some common mistakes people can make when cleaning that can make allergies worse!

Here are some ways to keep the house clean while keeping those pesky allergies under control:

1. Take your shoes off before coming into the house – That way dirt, dust, and pollen don’t get tracked inside your home.
2. Regularly sweep or blow your porch and driveway – The cleaner your front entryway is, the less likely someone can track dust or pollen into your home.
3. Vacuum once a week – but make sure your vacuum has a HEPA filter! Some allergens are so tiny that they can pass through a regular vacuum filter, so every time you are vacuuming you could be sucking that dirt and dust off the floor and shooting it right into the air.
4. Wash your bedding weekly, and stuffed animals too! Make sure the water is HOT – 130 degrees to kill dust mites. Also, fragrances in detergents can trigger symptoms as well, so try and use fragrance-free products whenever possible. Dust-proof covers on your mattresses and pillows will help keep those dust mites out as well.
5. Use a damp cloth when dusting and cleaning – to trap the dirt and dust instead of knocking them back into the air