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How long does HVAC installation take, and more!

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Nobody likes a waste of time. Are you wondering how long it might take to have your HVAC system installed? Do you have a schedule to keep and wondering if the HVAC installation will take the whole day?

The good news is that most HVAC installations can be completed in a single day. However, some complicating factors can affect the length of the installation process.

This article will give you a breakdown of how long an HVAC installation should take when professionally done.

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Variables that could affect the timeline of your HVAC system installation

On average, every step involved in installing an HVAC unit can be completed within one day. Nevertheless, there are some circumstances that can make it way longer than this. Here are some of them.

The following are the major variables that could affect the timeline:

1. The house or building’s size
2. The AC installation type required
3. The layout of your home
4. The experience and expertise of the technicians
Although a new air conditioner will typically take 4 to 8 hours to install, you should remember that an HVAC does not only compose an air conditioner. So installing the other components, including the air ducts network and vents, can shoot up that time by more hours.
Let’s see how these factors affect the duration of the installation.

How does the size of the building affect the duration of HVAC installation?

Installing an HVAC unit in a smaller house takes less time than in a larger one. This is because a larger house will require multiple air conditioning units in strategic locations. This helps to balance the airflow. A larger house will also require more work to restore the ductwork. Because there is less ground to cover in a smaller house, the installation will take less time.

The size and shape of your home will significantly impact the size and quantity of the air conditioner you require. A smaller air conditioner is required for a smaller home than a much larger one. However, the size you require is determined by the total volume of your home and its square footage. The time it takes to install a cooling and heating system will also be determined by the number of units required, which is determined by the size of the building.

What is the type of AC installation that is required

An HVAC installation will be any of the two kinds of AC installation below

1. Change out
2. Full replacement

Change out
A change-out AC installation simply means that a new air conditioner is installed in place of a former one. The rest of the equipment will stay the same. The ductwork, in this instance, is present and complete. If this is the case in your home, then the installation will be relatively fast.

Full replacement
Compared to changing out, a full replacement will consume much time. This is because it involves replacing an entire system and its ductwork. A full system replacement includes rewiring your thermostats, installing new ducting, and replacing your existing ductwork.

What is the effect from the layout of your home

If your home has numerous floors and rooms, you will need multiple air conditioners or split systems that can run on different levels to achieve maximum cooling and comfort. The property’s design will define how your new air conditioning system should be built, and specialists will consider optimizing space, air movement, and optimum unit positioning to avoid major structural alterations. A bad layout might prohibit professionals from quickly accessing important areas when installing a new air conditioner, causing the installation to take longer.

Is the experience and expertise of the technicians important?

The experience and expertise of the installation team are actually the most significant determinant of the duration of the HVAC installation. An experienced and innovative team will have it done in no time. In contrast, a poorly knowledgeable team, on the other hand, will take a longer time to get the job done.

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Benefits of AC Unit Installed By Air Mavericks

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6. Post-Installation Checklist: After the job is complete, we will review a post-installation checklist with you to ensure that we meet all your requirements.

Essential Tips That Will Make Your HVAC System Last Longer

After your HVAC system has been fully installed, here are a few things you must do to keep it functioning at its best, enjoy the best quality of air and last long.

1. Check the filters monthly and change them when they’re dirty.
2. Clean and sanitize the Air ducts frequently.
3. Keep the heating coils professionally clean
4. Keep the area around the outdoor unit clear of debris.
5. Trim back any vegetation that’s growing too close to the outdoor unit.
6. Schedule annual maintenance checkups with a qualified technician.
7. Ensure that the blower is cleaned regularly

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Frequently Asked Questions How Long does HVAC Installation take?

Q: Where can I find fast and efficient AC installation?
A: Contact Air Mavericks for a professional and quick AC installation.

Q: Is AC the same as HVAC?
A: Though commonly used interchangeably, they are not the same. AC provides only cooling, while HVAC provides heating in addition to cooling.

Q: Do you offer a free estimate?
A: Yes, we offer a free estimate for all new customers.

Final Thoughts

At Air Mavericks, we recognize the importance of finishing a job without delay and on time. This is why we employ the latest and most sophisticated tools and machines in the delivery of our services. Our technicians are continually trained to accommodate the latest and best innovations in the industry.

Remember that your air duct, heating coils, cooling coils, and blower must be continually cleaned to enjoy the best quality of air provided by your new HVAC system. To have these done, contact Air Mavericks, and it will be done without delay.