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Prevent a Frightening Overheating Furnace This Halloween

What Homeowners Need to Know About Overheating Furnaces

Halloween can be scary, with haunted houses, scary costumes, and spooky movies. But an overheating furnace is one of the most terrifying situations a homeowner can encounter.

When this happens, it can lead to serious threats to a household – including fires and carbon monoxide leaks. To avoid these dangers, property owners can use tips from furnace technicians on overheating symptoms to watch for and how to prevent an overheating furnace from occurring.

Dangers of an Overheating Furnace

An overheating furnace can be incredibly dangerous for families. It can lead to many safety concerns, including:

  • The risk of furnace fires.
  • A carbon monoxide leak if the heat exchanger is damaged or suffers a crack. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be a deadly threat to families.
  • Damaged furnace components that need to be replaced.
  • An overworking furnace that leads to rising energy bills.
  • Wear and tear on the system, causing the system to need replacement.

To protect their families, homeowners must schedule services with an HVAC contractor to make the necessary repairs.

bad smellFurnace Overheating? Signs To Watch For

An overheating furnace can be incredibly dangerous. To avoid these problems, homeowners should recognize the signs quickly and schedule professional repairs.

There are many symptoms homeowners need to watch for, including:

  • Odd smells like burning odors coming through the vents or near the furnace
  • Humming, popping, or banging sounds coming from the system
  • Rapid cycling of the furnace, with it turning on and off quickly
  • Warmer than usual air coming from the vents
  • Signs of damage to the furnace, including melted wires, burnt components, or scorch marks
  • A circuit breaker that keeps tripping
  • Higher than usual energy bills due to the furnace overworking

Homeowners should schedule professional repairs immediately if households experience any of these symptoms.

furnace filterWays to Prevent a Furnace From Overheating

The best way to avoid the risks of an overheating furnace is to prevent it from happening. There are many ways households can avoid these issues, including the following tasks recommended by furnace contractors:

  • Book annual furnace maintenance services with a professional to have the furnace cleaned and tuned up
  • Schedule air filter replacements regularly, at least every 1 to 3 months
  • Keep the air flowing properly by removing obstacles from around the furnace
  • Control the furnace and indoor climate through a smart thermostat
  • Clean the blower motor and fan blades to remove dust and dirt
  • Inspect the air ducts to look for leaks or defects
  • Install a new furnace if the system is aging and showing signs of wear and tear

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