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This Thanksgiving, Say Thanks To HVAC Technicians

Heating and Cooling Technicians Provide Services To Be Thankful For

When North Carolina property owners sit down for Thanksgiving dinner, they likely have a lot of people on their list to be thankful for. One person they might overlook is their HVAC contractor. However, technicians deserve to be on the list.

Furnace and AC contractors provide many services to homeowners. Learn how they keep their HVAC systems running to keep their homes at an ideal temperature all year round, and how they keep their families healthy with improved indoor air quality.

heater serviceKeep Homes Warm All Winter

During the winter months, temperatures can plummet, causing homes to be frigid – even dangerously cold. Households need a fully functioning heater or furnace to keep their homes comfortable, and safe. Technicians enable heaters and furnaces to work correctly by performing routine maintenance and heater repairs.

By performing these services, technicians keep families healthy by avoiding illnesses from cold homes and preventing dangerous situations, like carbon monoxide leaks.

Heating contractors also help households avoid risky situations like frozen pipes – which can cause burst pipes. In addition, they keep heaters and furnaces working efficiently, saving households money on utility bills.

air conditioner serviceKeep Homes Cool, Comfortable in the Summer

During the sweltering summer heat, homeowners need a working air conditioner to keep their houses cool and comfortable. Households rely on AC technicians to perform air conditioning services, repairs, and installations quickly to keep their systems working and their homes comfortable.

By keeping their AC units running, technicians help homeowners by:

  • Keeping their home cool and comfortable on even the hottest days
  • Keeping them healthy and helping them avoid heat-related illnesses like heat stroke
  • Keeping their indoor air quality high by allowing the AC unit to run correctly to remove particles from the air

To allow AC contractors to inspect and repair their systems quickly, homeowners must schedule AC repairs and air conditioner services at the first signs of an issue with their unit.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Technicians also improve indoor air quality by keeping a home’s HVAC system working correctly.

Fully functioning air conditioners and heaters remove particles, contaminants, and other items from homes. This keeps the air healthy and helps family members avoid health risks. At-risk household members need to have high indoor air quality. If family members suffer from allergies or asthma, their symptoms can be increased if there are allergens and other contaminants in the air.

Poor indoor air quality can also cause higher levels of humidity in homes. If this happens, households can suffer even more health risks if mold and mildew form due to the high moisture levels in the home.

Reduced indoor air quality can also cause poor ventilation in homes. This can make breathing difficult for family members as they struggle with hot and stuffy air.

To ensure their air is clean and safe, homeowners should schedule indoor air quality services with a technician to test their air and install an air cleaning system.

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