When to Schedule Heater Needs Repairs

Signs You Need Heater Repairs

When the chilly winter air arrives, St. Petersburg, FL homeowners should ensure they have a fully functioning heater. Even if it’s not used often, property owners must ensure it works to keep their house comfortable when needed. This requires heating repairs at the first signs of an issue.

St. Petersburg, FL heating contractors offer tips for homeowners to use when spotting the signs that their heater needs to be repaired, including higher energy bills than usual, odd sounds or odors, and inconsistent heat in their house.

billsIncreasing Energy Bills

One sign technicians recommend that homeowners watch for is rising utility bills. If property owners notice their energy bills are getting higher and higher, it can indicate their heating system is losing efficiency and needs repairs.

Energy bills can increase if the unit stops working efficiently due to a problem. Some of the most common causes can include clogged or dirty filters, leaking ductwork, inefficient equipment, heat exchanger issues, poor insulation, or a lack of routine heating maintenance.

A malfunctioning thermostat can also cause energy bills to rise. If these are not properly signaling the heater to turn on or off, it can cause the system to run more than it needs to.

bad smellStrange Sounds or Smells

Another sign homeowners should watch for is strange sounds or smells from their heater. If they notice unusual noises or odors they should schedule repairs.

When calling for heater repair services, property owners should tell technicians what noise they hear. This will help contractors understand what might be causing the strange sounds. For example, rattling, banging, or clanging can mean there is a loose or damaged component. Sounds similar to screeching or squealing can indicate a problem with the blower motor or fan, clicking can signal a problem with the ignition or gas valve, and buzzing can indicate an electrical issue.

Property owners should also be descriptive when they notice strange smells. The type of smell can let them know how severe the problem is. Rotten egg odors or oil or fuel smells can indicate gas leaks and must be addressed immediately. Some other smells homeowners might notice are:

  • Musty or moldy odors can signal the system needs to be cleaned.
  • Burning odors or burning dust can be expected if it’s the first time the heat has been used. But if there is a burning smell each time the system is being used, then it can indicate a problem.
  • Burning plastic or electrical smells can indicate a serious problem like an overheating system, electrical issues, or damaged wires.

Absence of Heat

One of the first signs a homeowner will notice that can indicate they need heater repairs is if there is a lack of heat in their house. Whether they notice cool air coming through the vents or intermittent heating or if the system isn’t running, it can indicate a problem that needs to be inspected and repaired by a professional.

Uneven heating can indicate a problem with the blower motor, damaged ductwork, or clogged air filters. Cool air coming through the vents can indicate a problem with the thermostat, heat exchanger, or ignition system.

If less air is coming through the vents than usual, it can signal that the air filters are blocked or that there is an issue with the blower motor or air ducts. When homeowners notice signs that their heater is malfunctioning, they should schedule repairs with a trusted heating service company.

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